Farm House often built by the owners commonly. In this type of floor plan ,we designed commonly the floor plan having more spacious bedroom , kitchen ,living room etc than common floor plan have. Basically the bedroom placed on the rear side with a view to the garden beyond. The living space may be traditionally oriented with formal rooms at the front and kitchen beyond, or open up the entire space for a more relaxed house plan. The kitchen usually more spacious, so that the family can enjoy the togetherness around the cook.

Basically these farm house floor plans designed practically to keep these points in the mind:
·       Everything  i,e. rooms, kitchen , living area ..etc should be spacious.
·          Floor plan must be Energy Efficient with proper ventilation.
·     Floor plan must have a porch that stretches along the front of the home and may wrap around to the side or rear.
·         A slopping pitched roof typically runs along the length of the home.
·      Broad, open front porches are a prominent feature.

Farm House plans including above featured. And it can be customized to your specific needs. Once our consultant will discuss all your requirements, our Architect department can alter any of these plans to make it the perfect home for you.